Cancer Institute (WIA)

The Cancer Institute (WIA), also known as the Adyar Cancer Institute, is a non-profit cancer treatment and research centre based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.[1] The Cancer Institute (WIA) was established in the year 1954 under the leadership of Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy.[2] In 1974, the institute became the Regional Cancer Centre and declared as a "Centre of Excellence" by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.[3][4]

Cancer Institute (WIA)
Adyar Cancer Institute.jpg
MottoService to all
Research typePublic
Field of research
Cancer Research
DirectorDr. V. Shanta
LocationChennai, India
CampusUrban, Adyar
AffiliationsMGR Medical University, University of Madras and Anna University
Operating agency
Women's Indian Association (WIA)
WebsiteOfficial website


Cancer Institute (WIA) is the first medical school in India to offer degrees in various sub-specialities of oncology recognized by the Medical Council of India.[5][6][7] The institute has been conducting MD (Radiotherapy), DM (Medical Oncology), MCh (Surgical Oncology) and other Diploma and Fellowship programmes, affiliated to the MGR Medical University.[8] The Institute is also recognised by both the University of Madras and Anna University for research leading to MPhil and PhD degrees in the areas of medical physics, psycho-oncology and molecular oncology.[9][10][11]

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