Canal through Zuid-Beveland

The Canal through Zuid-Beveland (Dutch: Kanaal door Zuid-Beveland) in the southwest Netherlands is the westernmost of two canals crossing the Zuid-Beveland peninsula. It connects the Western Scheldt near Hansweert (to the south of the canal) via sluices and the Eastern Scheldt (to the north) has an open connection.

Canal through Zuid-Beveland
Location Kanaal door Zuid-Beveland.PNG
The route of the Canal through Zuid-Beveland
Length9 kilometres (5.6 miles; 4.9 nautical miles)
Lock length280 m (919 ft) [1]
Lock width24 m (79 ft)
Maximum boat length200 m (656 ft) [2]
Maximum boat beam23.5 m (77.1 ft)
Maximum boat draft4.8 m (15.7 ft)
(depending on the tide)
Maximum boat air draft44 m (144 ft)
(due to power lines)
Locks1 x 2 (originally 2 x 3)
Construction began1850
Date completed1866
Start pointEastern Scheldt river, Netherlands
End pointWestern Scheldt river, Netherlands
Beginning coordinates51°31′10″N 4°0′56″E / 51.51944°N 4.01556°E / 51.51944; 4.01556
Ending coordinates51°26′21″N 4°0′39″E / 51.43917°N 4.01083°E / 51.43917; 4.01083
Aerial view of the Canal through Zuid-Beveland, showing north side of the canal
Railroad bridge over the Canal through Zuid-Beveland
Canal through Zuid-Beveland (south side), showing entrance to the locks

The canal is crossed by a movable railroad bridge (between the railroad stations Kapelle-Biezelinge on the west and Kruiningen-Yerseke on the east), a motor-road tunnel (the Vlake Tunnel [de; nl] in the A58 motorway) and two movable road bridges.
Additionally, at the south side the canal has two parallel sluices that can carry road traffic, but are just accessible by pedestrians, cyclists and horseman.

Coordinates: 51°28′57″N 4°00′15″E / 51.48250°N 4.00417°E / 51.48250; 4.00417

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