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The Canal d'Orléans connects the Loire River at Orléans to a junction with the Canal du Loing and the Canal de Briare in the village of Buges near Montargis.[2] It is entirely within the department of Loiret.

Canal d'Orléans
Chécy canal d'Orléans 11.jpg
Canal d'Orléans in Chécy, Loiret Department, France
Length79 km (49 mi)
Maximum boat length30 m (98 ft)
Maximum boat beam5 m (16 ft)
Locks28 (originally 27)
StatusParts in use
SummitLe Gué-des-Cens [1] Between locks 12 and 13[2]
Construction began1676
Date completed1692
Date extended1921
Date closed1954
Start pointOrléans
End pointBuges, near Montargis
Beginning coordinates47°53′56″N 1°59′08″E / 47.89897°N 1.98561°E / 47.89897; 1.98561
Ending coordinates48°01′35″N 2°43′17″E / 48.02647°N 2.72152°E / 48.02647; 2.72152
Connects toLoire River, Canal du Loing, Canal de Briare

The canal was begun in 1676 by Robert Mahieux, a timber merchant, when he was authorized to dig a 28 km canal for the shipping of his timber to Montargis. He conceded his canal to the Duke of Orléans who expanded it to connect the Loire River at Combleux and the Loing River. This was completed in 1692 with a length of 74 km and with 27 locks. In 1921, it was extended 5 km from Combleux to Orléans. The canal service was terminated in 1954.[1][2]

Though the canal is disused today, it is kept in a good state with its tow path being used as a cycle trail. Along the trail, you will see some of the original locks and gates and the pumping stations used to fill the canal with water from the Loire.[2]

Locks No. 4 (Pont-aux-Moines) and No. 5 (Donnery) have been restored. In 2007, lock No. 1 in Orléans was restored. Locks No. 24 through 28 have been restored and are in use, but there is no connection with the Canal du Loing.[2] On the Orléans end, there are 19 km with three locks. On the other, there are 14 km with four locks working.[1]


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