Canadian Professional Championship

The Canadian Professional Championship was a professional snooker tournament which was open only for Canadian players.

Canadian Professional Championship
Tournament information
FormatNon-ranking event
Final year1988
Final champion(s)Alain Robidoux


The championship was first played unofficially in 1974 with Cliff Thorburn winning the title.

The first official Canadian tournament was played in 1983 when the WPBSA offered a subsidy of £1,000 per player to any country holding a professional national championship. Like other similar tournaments in Australia and South Africa, it was discontinued when WPBSA funding was withdrawn after the 1988/89 season.



Year Winner Runner-up Final score Venue Season
1974   Cliff Thorburn   Julien St Dennis 13–11 1974/75
1980   Cliff Thorburn   Jim Wych 9–6 1979/80
1983   Kirk Stevens   Frank Jonik 9–8 Toronto 1983/84
1984   Cliff Thorburn   Mario Morra 9–2 Toronto 1984/85
1985   Cliff Thorburn   Bob Chaperon 6–4 Toronto 1985/86
1986   Cliff Thorburn   Jim Wych 6–2 Toronto 1986/87
1987   Cliff Thorburn   Jim Bear 8–4 Toronto 1987/88
1988   Alain Robidoux   Jim Wych 8–4 Toronto 1988/89


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