Can Tho University (Vietnamese: Trường Đại học Cần Thơ) is a public research university in Can Tho, Vietnam. Established in 1966, it is a multidisciplinary university and a leading university in the Mekong Delta.[1] Can Tho University is a leading agricultural research center in Vietnam. Can Tho University has nine colleges and three research institutes.[2] Its goal is to be one of the leading higher education institutions in Vietnam and to be recognised as one of the top universities in the Asia-Pacific region in training and research by 2022.[3]

Can Tho University
Trường Đại học Cần Thơ
PresidentHà Thanh Toàn
Vice-presidentTrần Trung Tính; Trần Ngọc Hải; Nguyễn Hiếu Trung
Academic staff
Can Tho



At present, the total number of CTU staff is around 2,000, including 1,203 lecturers (233 PhDs and 653 Masters, constituting to 73.6% of staff members with postgraduate degrees).[4] The current training capacity of CTU is more than 45,000 students involving full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students, part-time as well as distance-learning ones.[1] CTU possesses approximately 100 training programs and branches of undergraduate including 2 advanced training programs in English, 45 Master training programs (in which 1 program is a joint-ventured training field with foreign partners and 3 programs are taught in English) and 16 PhD ones, together with 2 training programs of junior college.

Up to now, Can Tho University (CTU) has 17 units for academic training (8 colleges, 7 schools, 1 high school, 1 unit for academic training) and several other support departments.



This is a list of colleges the university has:[5]

  • College of Agriculture
  • College of Aquaculture and Fisheries
  • College of Economics
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Environment and Natural Resources
  • College of ICT
  • College of Rural Development
  • College of Natural Sciences


  • School of Education
  • School of Foreign Languages
  • School of Graduate
  • School of Pre-University
  • School of Political Science
  • School of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • School of Law

High school and academic training

  • High school Teacher Practice
  • Department of Physical Education

Centers and institutes



  • Cantho University Software Center (CUSC)
    • Academic Department
    • Software Department
    • Plan and Business Department
  • Center for Foreign Languages
    • Academic Department
    • Administration Department
    • Offices located in Campuses 1, 2, 3 and a contact staff in Campus 4 (Hoa An)
  • Cooperative Training Center
  • Center of National Defense Education


  • Biotechnology Research and Development Institute
  • Mekong Delta Development Research Institute
  • Research Institute for Climate Change


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