Campo Vía pocket

The battle of the Campo Vía pocket was a decisive engagement of the Chaco War between Paraguay and Bolivia which took place in December 1933. It was one of the most prominent battles of the Chaco War. Lt Col José Félix Estigarribia, with a massive force of several divisions of the Paraguayan Army, was able to surround two Bolivian divisions around the outpost of Alihuatá. The encircled troops were forced to capitulate due to lack of supplies on 11 December. Up to 2,000 Bolivian soldiers were killed and 7,000 captured. Barely 900 Bolivian troops escaped. Subsequently, the Paraguayan troops expelled the Bolivian army from the eastern region of Chaco by the end of 1933, forcing the resignation of German General Hans Kundt from the Bolivian High Command.

Campo Vía pocket
Part of the Chaco War
DateNovember - December 1933
Location23°15′39″S 59°56′28″W / 23.2607456°S 59.9409771°W / -23.2607456; -59.9409771
Result Decisive Paraguayan victory
Bolivia Bolivia Paraguay Paraguay
Commanders and leaders
Hans Kundt
Carlos Banzer (Commander of the 9 Division)
Gonzales Quint (Commander of the 4° División)
José Félix Estigarribia.
Rafael Franco
9,000 troops 17,000 troops
Casualties and losses
~8,100 killed or captured Unknown
Campo Vía pocket is located in Paraguay
Campo Vía pocket
Location within Paraguay


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Coordinates: 23°15′39.54″S 59°56′20.66″W / 23.2609833°S 59.9390722°W / -23.2609833; -59.9390722