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Camp Slayer was a US military base in Iraq, an annex of the Victory Base Complex, established early in the Iraq War. Located on the southeastern corner of the Baghdad International Airport, it was part of the former Al Radwaniyah Presidential Complex and contains several man-made lakes, a man-made hill (result of the man-made lakes), the Ba'ath Party House, the Victory Over America Palace, Perfume Palace, and dozens of smaller luxury homes for Ba'ath Party notables.

During the Iraq War, it was most notable for being the headquarters of the Iraq Survey Group until 2005.



Perfume PalaceEdit

Perfume Palace during US occupancy, with Ba'ath Party Palace in background

The Perfume Palace was untouched during the US shock and awe bombing campaign due to its circular dome, which closely resembled a mosque. Following the invasion, the Palace was used as the main headquarters of the Iraq Survey Group and received minor damage from insurgent mortar fire, during the US occupancy.

Ba'ath Party Recreation PalaceEdit

Ba'ath Party Recreation Palace was located in the center of a manmade lake, just southeast of Baghdad's International Airport. The building was split into four main quadrants, one of which suffered a direct hit during the US shock and awe campaign. The four quadrants are separated by two covered, air conditioned boat landings. The quadrants consisted of a theater, ballroom, conference room and swimming pool. Shortly after the 2003 US invasion, the building was heavily looted.

Victory Over America PalaceEdit

Victory Over America Palace, where construction stopped in 2003

Construction of the Victory Over America Palace was commissioned by Saddam Hussein following his assertion of victory over the US, ending the 1991 Gulf War. Construction was brought to an abrupt halt during the shock and awe campaign of the US in 2003, receiving a direct hit and leaving one of the construction cranes standing limp, with its boom collapsed from the explosion. The Victory Over America Palace was constructed immediately behind, and adjacent to, the smaller Victory Over Iran Palace. The two palaces are frequently confused for a single building, and one or both are sometimes mislabeled.

Uday HouseEdit

One of many homes of Uday Hussein, Uday House was located just southeast of Baghdad International Airport. Uday House is famous for being one of, if not the only, private residence that was targeted and hit with cruise missiles during the US shock and awe campaign. (Not to be confused with the villa owned by Nawaf az-Zeidan, where Uday and his brother Qusay were killed by US forces.)

Flintstone HouseEdit

Flintstone House (2004)

With much of Saddam Hussein's palace complexes shrouded behind stone walls, few knew much about the facilities inside. The Flintstone House received notoriety with US soldiers due to its unique appearance and was thus named since little else was known about the facility prior to the US occupation of the site. The facility is best described as an elaborate playhouse for children, in its prime having running water, operable kitchen and elevators. The name "Flintstone" conveys a comparison to the animated sitcom The Flintstones, due to the facilities Stone-Age appearance.

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