Calvin N. Otis

Calvin Nicholas Otis (1814–1883)[1] was an American architect from Buffalo, New York.[2]

St. John's Episcopal Church, Savannah, Georgia

Otis was born on June 23, 1814 in Onondaga County.[3] He designed St. John's Episcopal Church on Madison Square in Savannah, Georgia,[4] in 1851, for which he received $500,[5] the Broadway Auditorium, a former arsenal in the Ellicott District of Buffalo, New York,[6] and the Mariners' Church of Detroit.[7]

In February 1862, during the American Civil War, he volunteered for the Union Army. He was commissioned as a major in the 100th New York Infantry Regiment, and in October 1862 he was promoted to lieutenant colonel. He commanded the unit in the taking of Folly Island and was brevetted brigadier general for his meritorious service. He was discharged in June 1863.[3]

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