Square Dance Callers' Association
Callerlab logo.gif
Headquarters Topeka, Kansas
Intentions To recruit, promote, and maintain the square dance activity.
Similar Organization American Callers Association
Founded 1974

CALLERLAB is the international association of modern Western square dance callers, and is the largest square dance association in the United States. After some initial work started in 1971, it was officially established in 1974 by several members of the Square Dance Hall of Fame.[1][2][3]

Callers from all over the world, including Saudi Arabia, Japan, Germany, and England, are members of the organization.


  • Maintains a suggested list of dancing programs, from Mainstream through C-3A. Each program contains a list of standardized square dance calls and concepts, with official definitions.
  • Provides BMI/ASCAP licensing to its members
  • Provides liability insurance for dance events


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