Cakraningrat IV

Cakraningrat IV was a ruling prince (1718-1745) from West Madura,[1] and a member of the Cakraningrat dynasty which was the subordinate ruler of the Mataram Sultanate.[2][3]

During his reign, he tried to expand his authority to include all Madura Island and East Java region.[1][3] He alternated alliances with Mataram and the Dutch East India Company, and even separately battled the two forces in an effort to realize his goal.[1][2] However, in 1746 he lost the final war against Mataram which then had allied with the Company, and he was later banished to the Cape of Good Hope until his death.[2][3]

From then on, the West Madura region was ceded over by Mataram to the Dutch East India Company as an exchange for the costs of the war.[2][3] His son, Cakraningrat V, was put in his place as the Company's vassal.[2]

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Preceded by Prince of West Madura
1718–1745 CE
Succeeded by