Cadence Jazz is an American record company and label specializing in noncommercial modern jazz. It is associated with Cadence Magazine.

Cadence Jazz
Founded1980 (1980)
FounderBob Rusch
Country of originU.S.
LocationRedwood, New York

Cadence Jazz was founded by Bob Rusch in Redwood, New York in 1980.[1] By 2000 the label had issued more than 100 albums. Its catalogue includes Marilyn Crispell, Beaver Harris, and Frank Lowe. This label is different from the Cadence that produced pop music in the 1950s and 1960s.[2][3]

Artists edit

Discography edit

Catalog # Album Artist Notes
1000 Live at Ali's Alley Ahmed Abdullah lp only; w/ Vincent Chancey
1001 Big Band Saheb Sarbib lp only; w/ Jemeel Moondoc, Jack Walrath
1002 Beaver Harris lp only; w/ Grachan Moncur, III, Maurice McIntyre
1003 Beaver Harris lp only; w/ Don Pullen, Hamiet Bluiett, McIntyre
1004 Art of Bop Hugh Brodie lp only
1006 Live Jemeel Moondoc lp only; w/ Roy Campbell, Wm. Parker
1007 Frank Lowe lp only; w/ Damon Choice, Butch Morris
1008 UFO Saheb Sarbib lp only; w/ Mark Whitecage
1009 Rams Run Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre lp only; w/ Julius Hemphill, Malachi Thompson
1010 Aisha Saheb Sarbib lp only; big band w/ Jameel Moondoc, Frank Wright
1011 Olympia Live Barbara Donald lp only; w/ Carter Jefferson
1012 Kim Parker lp only
1013 Bebop Loose & Live J. R. Monterose lp only
1014 Dwight James lp only; w/ Byard Lancaster
1015 Spirit Music Marilyn Crispell lp only; w/ Billy Bang
1016 Rory Stuart Quartet Rory Stuart lp only
1017 Barbara Donald lp only; w/ Carter Jefferson
1018 An Engineer of Sounds Jimmy Stewart lp only
1019 The Improviser Chet Baker
1020 Shapes Sounds Theory Steve Cohn lp only; w/ Reggie Workman
1021 OK! Lee Shaw lp only
1022 Chasin' a Classic Bob Nell lp only
1023 Impasse Glenn Wilson, Harold Danko, Dennis Irwin, Adam Nussbaum CD/LP
1024/25 Collection Bill Dixon
1026 Borbetomagus Jam Borbetomagus lp only; w/ Toshinori Kondo, Peter Kowald
1027 Rainsplash Alan Simon CD only
1028 Tough Tenor Red Hot Ernie Krivda lp only
1029 Sextet Live Abdul Zahir Batin lp only; w/ Bobby Watson, Robin Eubanks
1030 Rhythm-A-Ning Thorgeir Stubø lp only
1031 Red Green & Blue Paula Owen lp only
1032 Man with a Sax Robert Shure lp only; w/ Heikki Samanto
1033 Shades of Meaning David Sidman lp only; w/ Thurman Barker
1034 Scenario Joe Locke lp only; w/ Andy Laverne
1035 Chicplacity Jon Hazilla lp only; w/ John Hicks
1036 End of a Tune Thorgeir Stubø lp only; w/ Art Farmer, Doug Ramey
1037 Sonic Explorations Matthew Shipp lp only; w/ Rob Brown
1038 Nostalgia in Times Square Peter Compo lp only
1039 Well You Needn't Ernie Krivda lp only
1040 She's Back Jan Labate lp only
1041 Colour Circle William Hooker lp only; w/ Roy Campbell
1042 Endangered Species Paul Flaherty lp only
1043 Compelling Forces Erroll Parker lp only
1044 Setting the Standard Ellery Eskelin lp only
1045 Homecoming Abbey Rader CD only; w/ Dave Liebman
1046 Impact Paul Flaherty lp only
1047 What Is This Magic? Paula Owen from 1047 only in CD format
1048 Searching for Harmony Alvaro Is Rojas
1050 Seeking Spirit Bobby Zankel w/ Odeon Pope, Johnny Coles
1051 Innocence Joe Gallivan big band, w/ Evan Parker
1052 Home on the Range Chuck Florence w/ Jaki Byard, Alan Dawson
1053 Dreamland Darrell Katz Jazz Composers Alliance w/ Julius Hemphill
1054 Fat Onions Paul Flaherty
1055 Between Speech & Song Eric Pakula
1056 So Nice to Meet You Ernie Krivda
1057 All Stories Are True David White w/ Valery Ponomarev
1058 Bitten Moon Jon Hazilla
1059 Emerging from Earth Bobby Zankel w/ Uri Caine
1060 Is Waiting for You Michael Pagan
1061 Tonal Adventures Alvaro Is Rojas
1062 PoGressions Lou Grassi w/ Herb Robertson, Perry Robinson, Steve Swell
1063 Covert Choreography Michael Bisio
1064 48 Motives Scott Fields w/ Joseph Jarman, Marilyn Crispell
1065 Falling in Flat Space Herb Robertson w/ Dominic Duval
1066 Blue Monk Variations Ivo Perelman
1067 Tom Cohen
1068 Last Detail John Stevens
1069 Seeing New York from the Ear Frode Gjerstad w/ Rashid Bakr, Wm. Parker
1070 Red Rope: 3 Pieces for 2 Players George Cartwright
1071 Passion Suite Dale Fielder
1072 Nightbird Inventions Dominic Duval solo bass
1073 Inside the Sphere Mick Rossi
1074 Velvet Heat Pieter Ostrander
1075 Great Concert, volume 1 Paul Plummer
1076 Bendito of Santa Cruz Ivo Perelman with Matthew Shipp
1077 Encounters with Myself Alvaro Is Rojas
1078 Great Concert, volume 2 Paul Plummer
1079 Essential Expressions Paul Dumall
1080 Suite Empathy Ehran Elisha w/ Roy Campbell
1081 Kith 'n Kin Orchestra Thomas Borgmann
1082 The Twilight of Time Ken Simon
1083 There Will Never Be Another You Rick Holland
1084 In Concert at Bimhuis Noah Howard w/ Bobby Few
1085 Bottoms Out Joe Fonda w/ Mark Whitecage
1086 No Train Steuart Liebig w/ Vinny Golia
1087 Shades of Greene Burton Greene solo
1088 Sweet Dreams Pucci Amanda Jhones w/ Kenny Barron
1089 Ikosa Mura Frode Gjerstad w/ Bobby Bradford, Borah Bergmann
1090 Toni's Delight: Live in Seoul Heinz Geisser w/ Guerino Mazzola
1091 Borealis Frode Gjerstad w/ the Circulasione Totale Orchestra
1092 Qu'a: Live at the Iridium, Vol. 1 Cecil Taylor
1093 Only Believe Don Glanden w/ Ernie Watts
1094 The Free Improv Ensemble (1964) The Free Improv Ensemble w/ Burton Greene
1095 Second Course Marc Sabatella
1096 Positive Settings Rick Holland
1097 Live In Concert Dominic Duval's String Ensemble
1098 Qu'a Yuba: Live at the Iridium, Vol. 2 Cecil Taylor
1099 Invisible Touch Frode Gjerstad and Peter Brötzmann
1100 Interludes of Breath and Substance Matthew Goodheart with Leo Smith
1103 Utterance Glenn Spearman and John Heward
1104 Hollywood Wedding Adam Lane
1105 The Dream Book Joe McPhee and Dominic Duval
1106 Rapture Trio X with Rosi Hertlein
1107 Anahad Paul Flaherty and Randall Colbourne Quintet
1108 Ultima Frode Gjerstad Trio
1109 Groundwork Joe Rosenberg Group
1110 Crossings Matthew Goodheart & Dominic Duval
1111 Cries and Whispers Dominic Duval Quintet
1112 Faith Fred Hess / Boulder Creative Music Ensemble
1113 Over the Edge Tom DeSteno and Bob Magnuson
1117 Knudstock 2000 Herb Robertson
1120 Badlands Expositions of Freedom . . . Now!
1122 Heliopolis Heinz Geisser / Guerino Mazzola Quartet
1123 Calling All Spirits Avram Fefer Trio
1126 The Blessing Light Frode Gjerstad Trio
1127 Primal Intentions Michael Bisio and Joe Giardullo
1128 Voluminous Venture Masashi Harada and Barre Phillips
1129 Antipodes Steuart Liebig, Vinny Golia and Billy Mintz
1130 Tierra Mathias Rissi [de], Guerino Mazzola and Heinz Geisser
1133 No(w) Music Adam Lane's Full Throttle Orchestra
1134 On Tour Trio X
1136 Caramel Topped Terrier David Haney Quartet
1139 Steve Swell Presents Particle Data Group Steve Swell
1140 Sound Quest Implicate Order
1142 Cycle Logical Jimmy Halperin with Don Messina and Bill Chattin
1143 Post-Deconstruction Giancarlo Schiaffini and Peter Fraize
1144 In Black and White Trio X
1148 One Eyed Jack Joseph Scianni
1149 A Place for Jazz Lee Shaw Trio
1150 Agua Mathias Rissi, Guerino Mazzola and Heinz Geisser
1151 Live in Paris The Jemeel Moondoc All-Stars
1152 Trips Jobs and Journeys Noah Rosen
1153 In, Thru, and Out Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra
1155/56 Duocity in Brass & Wood Paul Smoker
1158 Cosmos Abbey Rader and Dave Liebman
1159 This Now! Steve Swell's Unified Theory of Sound
1161 The Welsh Chapel Frode Gjerstad with John Edwards and Mark Sanders
1166 Intuitive Structures Kevin Norton's Living Language
1168 Rapt Circle Patrick Brennan
1169 All the Notes Cecil Taylor
1170 Opening the Gates James Finn
1173 Composance Michael Bisio Trio
1174 Slammin' the Infinite Steve Swell
1176 WellSprings Suite Quintet Moderne
1177 Kaivalya Volume 1 Paul Flaherty and Marc Edwards
1180 Long Night Waiting The Gauci Trio
1183 Beyond Is and Is Not The Gauci Trio
1184 Jack Rabbitt Don Menza, John Bacon and Bobby Jones
1185 In the Stillhouse The Slam Trio
1186 In Finland Joe McPhee, Matthew Shipp and Dominic Duval
1187 Eric Zinman Ensemble Eric Zinman
1188 Don't Count On Glory Lindsey Horner
1189 Big Hearts Katsuyuki Itakura, Blaise Siwula and Ryusaku Ikezawa
1190 We're Comin' Just One Time The Gauci Trio
1191 Live At Kaldi’s Ron Enyard and Paula Owen with Cal Collins, Ed Felson
1192 Live at the Guelph Festival Marshall Allen and Lou Grassi
1193 Buffalo Adam Lane Quartet
1196 Seth Meicht Trio Seth Meicht Trio
1197 Reqiphoenix Nexus The C.T. Trio with Joe McPhee
1198 Soul Calling Ivo Perelman with Dominic Duval
1199 Kaivalya Volume 2 Paul Flaherty and Marc Edwards
1200 Roulette at Location One Trio X

References edit

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