Cactus Pheasant Classic

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The Cactus Pheasant Classic was an annual curling tournament, held in late October in Brooks, Alberta. It was part of the World Curling Tour. The purse for the event $70,000 Cdn. It has not been held since 2013.

Past championsEdit

Only skip's name is displayed.

Year Winning skip Runner-up skip Purse (CAD)
2007   Kevin Martin   Wayne Middaugh $70,000
2008   Glenn Howard   Kevin Martin $70,000
2009   Glenn Howard   Kevin Martin $70,000
2010   Kevin Martin   Wayne Middaugh $70,000
2011   Mike McEwen   Randy Ferbey $70,000
2012   Kevin Koe   Mike McEwen $70,000
2013   Mike McEwen   Sven Michel $70,000

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