Moltke I cabinet

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The Moltke I cabinet was the government of Denmark from 22 March 1848 to 15 November 1848. It was also referred to as the March Cabinet.

Moltke's first cabinet
Flag of Denmark (state).svg
1st Cabinet of Denmark
Adam Wilhelm Moltke.jpg
Date formed22 March 1848 (1848-03-22)
Date dissolved15 November 1848 (1848-11-15)
People and organisations
Head of stateFrederick VII
Head of governmentAdam Wilhelm Moltke
No. of ministers10
Total no. of members11
Member partyNational Liberal Party
Society of the Friends of Peasants
Status in legislatureCoalition
SuccessorMoltke II

In March 1848, Copenhagen was full of rumours that Schleswig and Holstein had rebelled against Denmark, and the National Liberals took advantage of the situation by arranging protest demonstrations against King Frederick VII and his politics.[1] On 21 March, King Frederick responded by dismissing his ministers and asking Carl Emil Bardenfleth to form a new government.[2] Bardenfleth failed to reach a compromise with the National Liberals, however, and so did Peter Georg Bang whom the king had asked to take his place. On the morning of 22 March the king begged Adam Wilhelm Moltke, the leader of the previous cabinet, to lead a government of responsible ministers, effectively ending the absolute monarchy.[1] Moltke quickly managed to put a government together, the Cabinet of Moltke I.

It was replaced by the Cabinet of Moltke II on 15 November 1848.

List of ministers and portfoliosEdit

Some of the terms in the table end after 15 November 1848 because the minister was in the Cabinet of Moltke II as well.

Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party
Prime Minister &
Minister for Finance
22 March 184815 November 1848 Nonpartisan
Minister of Foreign Affairs22 March 184815 November 1848 Nonpartisan
Minister for Trade22 March 184815 November 1848 Nonpartisan
Minister of Justice22 March 184813 July 1851 Nonpartisan
Kultus Minister22 March 184813 July 1851 National Liberal
Minister of War22 March 184815 November 1848 Bondevennerne
Minister of the Navy22 March 18486 April 1848 Nonpartisan
6 April 184810 August 1850 Nonpartisan
Minister for the Duchies22 March 184823 March 1848 Nonpartisan
Minister without portfolio22 March 184815 November 1848 National Liberal
22 March 18481 November 1848 National Liberal
Preceded by
Cabinet of Denmark
22 March 1848 – 15 November 1848
Succeeded by

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