Cabinet of Jovan Marinović

By administrative fiat, the Marinović cabinet established freedom of speech and the press, which was an important step in establishing parliamentary democracy. At the session of the Serbian Parliament held on November 27, 1873, the Marinović government presented a set of far-reaching reform laws, including the law on the subsidization of industrial enterprises and the law of six days of land ploughing (“day” meaning a Serbian land measurement equivalent to 5,760 m2), as a minimal privately owned landed property protected from being sold or repossessed due to debts. This allowed Serbian peasants who were small landowners, at the time often victims of property loss due to predatory lending, to have at least 8.6 acres (35,000 m2) of land (out of the total land which they owned) they could always count on as remaining in their possession. On December 23, 1873, his government instituted the law by which corporal punishment was abolished and the prison system reformed. Other reforms regarding secondary school and Great School were passed as well.

Cabinet of Jovan Marinović
Civil flag of Serbia.svg
24th Cabinet of Principality of Serbia
COA of Principality of Serbia.svg
Coat of arms of Principality of Serbia
Date formedNovember 3, 1873
Date dissolvedDecember 7, 1874
People and organisations
Head of stateMilan Obrenović IV
Head of governmentJovan Marinović
PredecessorCabinet of Jovan Ristić II
SuccessorCabinet of Aćim Čumić

The Marinović government introduced the metric system into Serbia as well as a native silver currency. After losing the majority among Liberal deputies in Parliament in 1874, the Marinović cabinet became the first Serbian government to be toppled in the National Assembly, and called for new elections. After being defeated at the parliamentary elections in October 1874, Marinović resigned, and the new Cabinet of Aćim Čumić was established on December 7, 1874.

Cabinet membersEdit

Position Portfolio Name Image In Office
Prime Minister General Affairs Jovan Marinović   3 November 1873 - 7 December 1874
Minister Foreign Affairs
Minister Internal Affairs Aćim Čumić   3 November 1873 - 7 December 1874
Minister Justice Đorđe Cenić   3 November 1873 - 7 December 1874
Minister Finance Čedomilj Mijatović   3 November 1873 - 7 December 1874
Minister Education and Church Affairs Filip Hristić   3 November 1873 - 7 December 1874
Minister Army Kosta Protić   3 November 1873 - 7 December 1874
Minister Construction Kosta Magazinović   3 November 1873 - 6 June 1874
Minister Ljubomir Ivanović   6 June 1874 - 7 December 1874

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