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The cabinet secretary of Pakistan (Urdu: مُعْتَمَد کابینہ پاکستان) is the federal secretary to the Cabinet of Pakistan. The Cabinet secretary serves as the administrative head of the Cabinet Division, providing policy advice to the prime minister and Cabinet. Usually the senior-most BPS-22 grade officer of the Pakistan Administrative Service is appointed to this post. The Cabinet secretary reports directly to the prime minister.

Cabinet Secretary of Pakistan
مُعْتَمَد کابینہ پاکستان
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Reports toPrime Minister of Pakistan
AppointerPrime Minister of Pakistan
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Amongst federal secretaries, the Cabinet secretary is considered as the senior-most secretary and for this reason the Cabinet secretary heads the Secretaries’ Committee. During the federal cabinet meetings, the Cabinet secretary sits on the right-hand side of the prime minister.[1][2]

The Cabinet secretary is the only officer, alongside the establishment secretary, who has a direct say in the promotion of civil servants to grade 20, 21 and to the elite rank of grade 22.[3][4]

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