Cabaret Cartoons

Cabaret Cartoons was a live light entertainment series broadcast by BBC Television 1936–39 and 1946.[Note 1] It was a spin-off from the series Cabaret. Its distinctive feature was that English artist Harry Rutherford (1903–85) drew cartoon sketches of the performers during the broadcast.[1] Rutherford did not speak: the producer, Cecil Madden, decreed that his Mancunian accent was inappropriate to be heard on the BBC.[2]

Cabaret Cartoons
Created byCecil Madden
Based onCabaret
Country of originEngland
Original languageEnglish
No. of episodes19
ProducerCecil Madden
Running time20–30 minutes
Production companyBBC Television
Original networkBBC Television
Original release7 December 1936 (1936-12-07) –
26 October 1946 (1946-10-26)

No episodes have survived.[Note 2]


The following performers appeared in Cabaret Cartoons five or more times, or as of February 2016 are the subjects of Wikipedia articles. Numbers of appearances are given in parentheses.

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  1. ^ BBC Television suspended broadcasting on 1 September 1939 with the outbreak of World War II, and did not resume until June 1946.
  2. ^ The programme was broadcast live. Technology to record live television was only developed in 1947, and was rarely used by the BBC before 1953–55.


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