CVO Skool Pretoria

CVO Skool Pretoria is a private Afrikaans, Christian school. The school is located adjacent to Shere Smallholdings, approx. 10 km to the east of Lynnwood, Pretoria, South Africa.

CVO Skool Pretoria
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Graham Rd, (Lynnwood Road Extension)

Coordinates25°48′11″S 28°22′15″E / 25.80306°S 28.37083°E / -25.80306; 28.37083Coordinates: 25°48′11″S 28°22′15″E / 25.80306°S 28.37083°E / -25.80306; 28.37083
TypePrivate school / Christian Calvinist / Primary and Secondary
Grades0 through 12
Colour(s)Red, blue, white, green (colours of the "Vierkleur")
WebsiteCVO Pretoria

It was founded in 1992 and the school leavers write the IEB Senior Certificate exam. It has about 300 pupils ranging from the grade 0 to grade 12.

Coat of armsEdit

The Coat of Arms (see depiction on the right) is in the colours of the "Vierkleur van Transvaal" (Flag of the old Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek):

The Green: A symbol of hope.
The Red: Symbol of willingness to defend our freedom with our own blood.
The White: Symbol of cleanliness and pure intentions towards freedom.
The Blue: Symbol of the heavens and the Boer people's trust in God triune as the Almighty.

The strong bond at the top of the coat of arms symbolises the strong bond to God.
The cross symbolises trust in Jesus Christ.
The wagon wheel symbolises the history of Boer-heraldry and culture.
(Note that the wagon wheel is underneath the cross, thus symbolising that the faith is the more important of the two and culture is derived from the faith).

The words "Gods Woord ons Anker" is the Afrikaans for "God's Word is our Anchor".

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