CVM Television Limited (CVM TV) is a television station in Kingston, Jamaica owned by VertiCast Media Group. The station's name is an acronym for the three original major shareholders granted the television license in 1991: Community Television Systems Limited, Videomax Limited, and Mediamix Limited.[1]

OwnerVertiCast Media Group
Csport, Csport 2
FoundedJuly 31, 1990
First air date
March 1993

CVM is known for broadcasting newscasts and Caribbean lifestyle & entertainment shows, as well as overseas movie and TV productions. CVM News has been one of the station's long-running programmes.[2]

History edit

CVM TV was granted a licence to operate in March 1991, and began providing commercial television services in March 1993.[3][4][5][6]

It was reported on September 27, 2022 that CVM TV was sold to the VertiCast Media Group led by media mogul Oliver McIntosh. Oliver McIntosh had been in charge of cable sports channel Sportsmax for over two decades before forming his media company.[7][8] With the ownership change, CVM TV became a sibling to VertiCast's new Csport networks that launched the same year.[9][10] Later that Fall, CVM TV would broadcast the 2022 FIFA World Cup with Csport; marking the return of the FIFA World Cup to the station for the first time in a near-decade.[11]

List of programmes edit

Current edit

Domestic edit

News edit

  • CVM News

Sports edit

  • CVM Sports

Breakfast edit

  • Sunrise

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