CP Voltregà

Club Patí Voltregà is a Catalan rink hockey club from Sant Hipòlit de Voltregà, Osona established in 1955, currently competing in the OK Liga and the OK Liga Femenina.

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Full nameClub Patí Voltregà
Home groundVictorià Oliveras de la Riva,
Sant Hipòlit de Voltregà, Catalonia
ChairmanXavi Sala
ManagerM: Francesc Linares
W: Josep Maria Rovira
LeagueM: OK Liga
W: OK Liga
2017–18 (M)
2017–18 (W)


The club enjoyed its golden age between 1960 and 1977; through these years Voltregà won three European Cups, three OK Liga and five national cups. Its best years were 1975 and 1976, when they were both Spanish and European champions. The team's only major trophy in subsequent years was the 2002 CERS Cup.

On the other hand, its women's team has been highly successful in the recent years; it has won triples in 2008 and 2011, including two European Leagues.[1] The years 2016 and 2017 are particularly successful as the girls win back to back the European League, in addition to this, they win the 2015–16 OK Liga and the Copa de la Reina in 2017.

Season to seasonEdit

Men's teamEdit

Season Tier Division Pos. Copa del Rey Supercopa Europe
2001–02 1 OK Liga 5th Semifinalist N/A 2 CERS Cup C
2002–03 1 OK Liga 7th Quarterfinalist 2 CERS Cup QF
2003–04 1 OK Liga 10th 2 CERS Cup SF
2004–05 1 OK Liga 12th
2005–06 1 OK Liga 12th
2006–07 1 OK Liga 11th
2007–08 1 OK Liga 13th 2 CERS Cup R16
2008–09 1 OK Liga 15th
2009–10 2 1ª División 1st
2010–11 1 OK Liga 11th
2011–12 1 OK Liga 12th
2012–13 1 OK Liga 8th
2013–14 1 OK Liga 10th Quarterfinalist 2 CERS Cup PR
2014–15 1 OK Liga 7th Semifinalist
2015–16 1 OK Liga 10th Quarterfinalist 2 CERS Cup PR
2016–17 1 OK Liga 5th Quarterfinalist
2017–18 1 OK Liga 8th Runner-up 2 CERS Cup SF
2018–19 1 OK Liga 8th Quarterfinalist 2 WS Europe Cup SF

Women's teamEdit

Season Tier Division Pos. Copa de la Reina European Cup[2]
2001–02 1 Cto. España 1st N/A N/A
2002–03 1 Cto. España 2nd
2003–04 1 Cto. España 2nd
2004–05 1 Cto. España 1st
2005–06 1 Cto. España 1st Champion
2006–07 1 Cto. España 1st Champion Fourth place
2007–08 1 Cto. España 1st Champion Champion
2008–09 [a] Catalan league 1st Quarterfinalist Runner-up
2009–10 1 OK Liga 3rd Runner-up
2010–11 1 OK Liga 1st Champion Champion
2011–12 1 OK Liga 1st Runner-up Quarter-finalist
2012–13 1 OK Liga 1st Semifinalist Champion
2013–14 1 OK Liga 1st Champion Fourth place
2014–15 1 OK Liga 2nd Runner-up Quarterfinalist
2015–16 1 OK Liga 1st Semifinalist Champion
2016–17 1 OK Liga 2nd Champion Champion
2017–18 1 OK Liga 3rd Semifinalist Semifinalist
2018–19 1 OK Liga 5th Semifinalist Champion
  1. ^ Catalan teams refused to participate in the new OK Liga.





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