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The Marine Corps Special Operations Battalion, known as Tonelero Battalion located in the city of Rio de Janeiro is the military HQ of Comandos Anfíbios (COMANF) is a special force unit of the Brazilian Marine Corps. They are the Marines specifically prepared for the planning and execution of special operations.


The courseEdit

For officers, sergeants and corporals who have passed the test for the course of qualification for promotion to Sergeant, the 9 month Amphibious Commandos Special Course (acronym in portuguese C-ESP-COMANF) is taught, covering the disciplines of infiltration; exfiltration; commando actions; utility swimming; patrol; explosive devices; advanced first aid; combat in urban areas; fighting hand-to-hand; advanced mountaineering; rappelling; survival techniques at sea and on land; intelligence and counterintelligence; advanced reconnaissance; handling UAV and rotorcraft of Brazilian Navy, among others, in addition to training to operate in coastal regions and in the wetland and mountains, cold weather, in semi-arid regions, jungle and urban areas.


The battalion is currently organized as follows:

  • 1ª Companhia de Reconhecimento
  • 2ª Companhia de Ação de Comandos
  • 3ª Companhia do Grupo Especial de Retomada e Resgate (GERR)
  • 4ª Companhia de Comando e Serviços (CCS)
  • Pelotão de Apoio às Operações Especiais (PelApOpEsp)
  • Seção de Instrução de Operações Especiais (SIOpE)

Some members are assigned abroad for training, specializing in courses such as the (IDF / Israel) Sayeret Matkal, (Marina / Spain) Special Operations Command, (USDOD) USSOCOM and the (National Gendarmerie / France) GIGN.


There is a phrase in the Brazilian Navy to define the "COMANF" soldiers: "Um Comanf é imbatível, dois são inseparáveis e três fazem guerra" (Portuguese for "One Comanf is unbeatable, two are unseparable and three wage war").


Marine Corps Special Operations Battalion in Operation Formosa 2016
Name Origin Type
PT 24/7 PRO   Brazil Pistol
PT 92 AF   Brazil Pistol
Heckler & Koch UMP   Germany Submachine gun
Parker Hale M85   United Kingdom Sniper rifle
MK 18   United States Assault rifle
Franchi SPAS-15   Italy Shotgun
PGM Hécate II   France Anti-materiel rifle
FN Minimi   Belgium Machine gun
Barrett   United States Anti-materiel rifle
PGM Ultima Ratio   France Sniper rifle
MP5 SD6   Germany Submachine gun
AT4   Sweden Anti-tank weapon
COLT SCW   United States Assault rifle

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