The Marine Corps Special Operations Battalion, known as the Tonelero Battalion, located in the city of Rio de Janeiro, is the military unit of the Amphibious Commandos (COMANF), which are a troop of Special Forces of the Marine Corps of the Brazilian Navy. They are Marines specifically prepared for planning, conducting and executing Special Operations, Information Operations and Psychological Operations.

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Purpose and organizationEdit

This battalion has the main purpose, through Amphibious Commandos, to contribute to the execution of naval power, carrying out:

1st Special Operations CompanyEdit

Specialized Reconnaissance - RECON, pre-assault and post-assault reconnaissance actions are involved in support of landing forces, with highly qualified personnel as scuba divers or using the parachute as a means of infiltration with the mission of identifying and reporting enemy activities, conducting fires of support weapons, deploy sensors on the ground and guide operations with aircraft.

2nd Special Operations CompanyEdit

Commandos Action (Direct Actions), Commando actions aim to destroy or damage relevant objectives, retake facilities, capture or rescue personnel, obtain data, mislead and produce psychological effects.

3rd Special Operations CompanyEdit

Special Rescue and Recapture Group (GERR-OpEsp), the Special Rescue and Recapture Group (GERR), has the mission of rescuing military or civilian authorities kept in illegal confinement, counterterrorism, search and rescue of pilots slaughtered in combat and retake zones facilities of interest to the Navy and/or the Federal Government.

4th Command and Service CompanyEdit

Regarding the management of its material and human resources, the Battalion has a Command and Services Company and administrative autonomy through which it plans and executes the resources received from the Fleet Marine Force - FFE.

5th Special Operations Support CompanyEdit

Its task is to provide specialized combat service support, either on board, through the parachute folding and maintenance section, the diving support section and the vessel support section, or in the Marines Operative Grouping operations. The company organizes a Special Operations Support Detachment to work with the Marines Operative Grouping Combat Services Support Component, performing specialized support tasks, such as operating pneumatic landing craft, resupplying infiltrated special operations teams, or even carrying out the maintenance of specific material used in special operations, such as parachutes and diving equipment.

Special Operations Instruction SectionEdit

Train the human resources belonging to the Marine Corps Special Operations Battalion; Contribute to the development of the doctrine of Special Operations in the Marine Corps; and Conduct research and experimentation with new operational techniques and equipment peculiar to Special Operations.



The identifying symbol of the Amphibious Commandos is their hostile-looking brevet with a skull pierced by lightning; meaning the enemy's death and the speed and violence in his actions, an anchor; meaning loyalty to the Brazilian Navy and the ability to perform aquatic operations, a pair of wings; meaning ability to operate by air, and a blue headstone; meaning darkness, a formidable environment for the activities of the Amphibious Commandos.

Black capEdit

Another identifying symbol of the Amphibious Commandos is the black cap that in the case of the Brazilian Marine Corps military personnel only the Amphibious Commandos use.


Brazilian Marine Corps Special Operations Battalion in Operation Formosa 2016
Name Origin Type
PT 24/7 PRO   Brazil Pistol
PT 92 AF   Brazil Pistol
Heckler & Koch UMP   Germany Submachine gun
Parker Hale M85   United Kingdom Sniper rifle
MK 18   United States Assault rifle
Franchi SPAS-15   Italy Shotgun
PGM Hécate II   France Anti-materiel rifle
FN Minimi   Belgium Machine gun
Barrett   United States Anti-materiel rifle
PGM Ultima Ratio   France Sniper rifle
MP5 SD6   Germany Submachine gun
AT4   Sweden Anti-tank weapon
COLT SCW   United States Assault rifle