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The Centre for Research in Innovation Management (CENTRIM), at University of Brighton, is a multidisciplinary research group that originated in the 1980s.[1]

CENTRIM offers a postgraduate student program, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and a range of product and services.

Back in 2003 CENTRIM and Science and Technology Policy Research moved to the purpose-built Freeman Centre on the University of Sussex campus. CENTRIM was then joined at Freeman Centre by members of the Economic and Social Engagement department at University of Brighton.

In August 2010, as part of University-wide improvements to organisation of faculties, CENTRIM joined forces with Brighton Business School. In early 2013 CENTRIM moved to 154 Edward Street, Brighton. In 2013 CENTRIM drafted a five-year plan that will run from 2014 through to 2019. This plan will be both bold and conservative in its nature, by devoting its time to both Academic disciplines and tasks as well as looking to further strengthen it links to the community and local and international businesses / organizations.

The 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) recognised CENTRIM as a leading research institution, with 92 per cent of its research rated as either internationally excellent, internationally recognised or world-leading.[2]

The core of CENTRIM's being is the acquisition of knowledge and its distribution to all.

List of staff past and presentEdit

  • Dr George Tsekouras
  • Prof Tim Brady
  • Prof Howard Rush
  • Despina Kanellou
  • Dr Nick Marshall
  • Dr Jose Christian
  • Dr Aline Figlioli
  • Prof Bob Sang


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