C.F. Os Belenenses (futsal)

Clube Futebol Os Belenenses is an amateur futsal team based in Lisbon, Portugal. It plays in Liga Placard .

Os Belenenses.png
Full nameClube Futebol Os Belenenses
Nickname(s)Os Conquistadores (The Conquerors)
GroundPavilhão Acácio Rosa
Lisbon, Portugal
ChairmanPatrick Morais de Carvalho
ManagerJosé Feijão
LeagueLiga Placard

Their nickname comes from the fact that in their first two seasons they won two trophies (Campeonato Nacional da 3ª Divisão and Campeonato Nacional da 2ª Divisão). In 2009-10 they win their most important title, the Taça de Portugal de Futsal for the first time, beating Benfica in the final. Benfica scored first, but Diego Sol equalized in the second half, Marcelinho in the final seconds of Extra time scored the decisive goal. Notable players included Marcão, Diego Sol, Pedro Cary, Paulinho and Marcelinho.[1][2]

More recently, Belenenes encountered some financial problems, including a request for insolvency after unpaid salaries to former futsal player Formiga and a pledge of the clubs trophies for unpaid construction work done to Estádio do Restelo.[3] Belenenses was relegated in 2011/2012 after a play-out.[4][5]

Current squadEdit

As of 15 May 2019
# Position Name Nationality
1 Goalkeeper Marcão  
3 Winger Jota Ramos  
4 Universal Tiago Correia  
7 Winger João Marques  
8 Winger João Pires  
9 Winger Yulián Díaz  
10 Winger Mamadu Turé  
11 Winger Bruno Pinto  
12 Goalkeeper Paulo Pimenta  
15 Winger Cláudio Ferreira  
16 Goalkeeper André Carrola  
16 Goalkeeper Sandro Azenha  
19 Defender Sandro Noronha  
19 Universal Wilson Tavares  
23 Pivot Jardel  
23 Universal Daniel Pinto  
38 Goalkeeper Márcio Santos  
38 Goalkeeper Pedro Mónica  
48 Pivot José Varela  
94 Winger Rodrigo Lolatto  
96 Winger Ygor Mota  




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