Bykivnia Forest

Bykivnia Forest (Ukrainian: Биківнянський ліс) is an urban forest consisting mostly of pine trees (90%),[1] and stretching on eastern side of Kyiv from National Park Zalissia in southern direction towards Bortnychi creating a so-called green belt. It is primarily associated with Memorial Park Bykivnia Graves which is located in it.

Pine trees of the forest near the memorial park

On older maps of 19th century the forest western outskirts used to reach Dnieper, but since then it lost almost half of its original territory to the Kyiv City as more residential neighborhoods were built in 1970s such as Lisovyi Masyv. The forest has an area of 2,582 ha (6,380 acres).[1]

Beside Bykivnia settlement and the Memorial Park, the forest contains several other places of interests among which are lakes and ponds such as Lake Almazne, Lake Berizka, a set of ponds of the former fishery Soviet farm,[2] a flooded sand quarry. Through the forest flow rivers Darnytsia and Prirva. Portion of the woodland also contains some peat fields.[3] Within the forest, there is a bird farm. On the edge of the forest are located one of the Kyiv's combined heat and power station and Darnytsia industrial park that includes bankrupted chemical factory, railcar repair factory, and armored tank factory.


Coordinates: 50°28′26″N 30°43′11″E / 50.473896550354375°N 30.71976242617426°E / 50.473896550354375; 30.71976242617426 (Bykivnia Forest)