By-elections to the 13th Canadian Parliament

By-elections to the 13th Canadian Parliament were held to elect members of the House of Commons of Canada between the 1917 federal election and the 1921 federal election. Prime Minister Robert Borden, then Arthur Meighen, led a majority government consisting members collectively known as the Unionist Party, during the 13th Canadian Parliament.

The list includes Ministerial by-elections which occurred due to the requirement that Members of Parliament recontest their seats upon being appointed to Cabinet. These by-elections were almost always uncontested. This requirement was abolished in 1931.

By-election Date Incumbent Party Winner Party Cause Retained
Medicine Hat June 27, 1921 Arthur Lewis Sifton      Unionist Robert Gardiner      Progressive Death No
Yamaska May 28, 1921 Oscar Gladu      Laurier Liberal Aimé Boucher      Liberal Death Yes
York—Sunbury May 28, 1921 Harry Fulton McLeod      Unionist Richard Hanson      Conservative Death Yes
Peterborough West February 7, 1921 John Hampden Burnham      Unionist George Newcombe Gordon      Liberal Resignation No
Yale November 22, 1920 Martin Burrell      Unionist John Armstrong MacKelvie      Conservative Appointed Librarian of Parliament Yes
Elgin East November 22, 1920 David Marshall      Unionist Sydney Smith McDermand      United Farmers Death No
St. John—Albert September 20, 1920 Rupert Wilson Wigmore      Unionist Rupert Wilson Wigmore      Conservative Recontested upon appointment as Minister of Customs and Inland Revenue Yes
Colchester September 20, 1920 Fleming Blanchard McCurdy      Unionist Fleming Blanchard McCurdy      Nationalist Liberal Recontested upon appointment as Minister of Public Works Yes
Timiskaming April 7, 1920 Francis Cochrane      Unionist Angus McDonald      Independent Death No
St. James April 7, 1920 Louis Audet Lapointe      Laurier Liberal Fernand Rinfret      Liberal Death Yes
Kamouraska March 31, 1920 Ernest Lapointe      Laurier Liberal Charles Adolphe Stein      Liberal Resignation to contest Quebec East by-election Yes
Ontario North December 9, 1919 Samuel Simpson Sharpe      Conservative Robert Henry Halbert      Independent Death No
Quebec East October 27, 1919 Wilfrid Laurier      Laurier Liberal Ernest Lapointe      Laurier Liberal Death Yes
Glengarry and Stormont October 27, 1919 John McMartin      Unionist John Wilfred Kennedy      United Farmers Death No
Assiniboia October 27, 1919 John Gillanders Turriff      Unionist Oliver Robert Gould      United Farmers Called to the Senate No
Victoria City October 27, 1919 Simon Fraser Tolmie      Unionist Simon Fraser Tolmie      Unionist Recontested upon appointment as Minister of Agriculture. Yes
Prince October 20, 1919 Joseph Read      Liberal William Lyon Mackenzie King      Liberal Death Yes
Kingston October 20, 1919 William Folger Nickle      Conservative Henry Lumley Drayton      Unionist Resignation Yes
Victoria—Carleton October 17, 1919 Frank Carvell      Unionist Thomas Wakem Caldwell      United Farmers Appointed Chairman of the Board of Railway Commissioners No
Lanark May 2, 1918 Adelbert Edward Hanna      Unionist John Alexander Stewart      Unionist Death Yes

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