Butterfinger (Canadian band)

Butterfinger was a Saskatchewan-based Canadian alternative rock band which released one independently recorded studio album.

OriginSaskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
GenresAlternative rock
Years active2001–2004
MembersDean Person
Tyler Penny
John Sanche
Damon Tupper

Their song Breathe[1] won several awards including the national songwriting competition in conjunction with Canadian Music Week in 2001. Its success inspired the band to work on a full-length album, directed by Producer, Mixer, and Engineer Jared Kuemper.[2]

Butterfinger was nominated for "Outstanding Rock Recording" at the Western Canadian Music Awards in 2003.[3]

In November 2003, Butterfinger was awarded a VideoFACT grant to shoot a music video for the song Do You Feel?.[4] They were one of only 40 to receive the grant out of the 284 submissions. The video was produced by a Toronto film company called Firewatch Films.[5]

The band has not released any new music since 2004 (although it played the half-time show at the 2017 Saskatchewan Rush home opener game).[6] Sanche left the music industry. Tupper has played in several bands including Hung Jury, Lisa Moen, and Tyler Lewis. Tyler Penny formed the band Penny Reign.[7][8] Dean Person has had success as a singer/songwriter/guitarist.[9]


  • Dean Person - Lead Guitar, Vocals
  • Tyler Penny - Lead Vocals, Guitar
  • John Sanche - Bass, Vocals
  • Damon Tupper - Drums, Vocals


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