Busts of Pope Innocent X

The Busts of Pope Innocent X are two portrait busts by the Italian artist Gianlorenzo Bernini of Pope Innocent X, Giovanni Battista Pamphili. Created around 1650, both sculptures are now in the Galleria Doria Pamphili in Rome. Like the two busts of Cardinal Scipione Borghese, it is believed that Bernini created a second version of the bust once a flaw was discovered in the first version. There exist several similar versions of the bust done by other artists, most notably Alessandro Algardi. [1]

Busts of Pope Innocent X
First version
Second version
ArtistGian Lorenzo Bernini
LocationDoria Pamphilj Gallery, Rome
Preceded byTruth Unveiled by Time (Bernini)
Followed byNoli Me Tangere (Bernini)

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