Busengo, Rwanda

Busengo is one of the nineteen sectors (imirenge) in Gakenke District, in the Northern Province of Rwanda.[1]

Busengo is located in Rwanda
Location in Rwanda
Coordinates: 01°40′13″S 29°39′52″E / 1.67028°S 29.66444°E / -1.67028; 29.66444Coordinates: 01°40′13″S 29°39′52″E / 1.67028°S 29.66444°E / -1.67028; 29.66444
Country Rwanda
ProvinceNorthern Province
1,788 m (5,866 ft)
Time zoneUTC+2 (CAT)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (not observed)


Cyabingo lies to the north of Busengo. Kivuruga lies to the north-east. Gakenke Town lies to the south-east. Janja lies to the south, and Rusasa lies to the west of Busengo.[1] This is approximately 95 kilometres (59 mi), by road, north-west of Kigali, the capital and largest city of Rwanda.[2] The geographical coordinates of Busengo, Rwanda are 01°40'13.0"S, 29°39'52.0"E (Latitude:-1.670278; Longitude:29.664444).[3] Busengo, Rwanda lies at an average elevation of 1,788 metres (5,866 ft) above sea level.[4]


Busengo is the location of Busengo Maternity Unit, built in 2013, with assistance of the Deerfield Foundation, based in New York City.[5]

Also located here is the Lycee Polytechnique de Busengo, a public vocational school, administered by the Rwanda Ministry of Education.[6]


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