Busan American Cultural Service building arson

Coordinates: 35°06′10″N 129°01′52″E / 35.102689°N 129.031176°E / 35.102689; 129.031176 The 1982 Busan arson attack or Busan American Council Fire Accidents (Hangeul: 부산 미국문화원 방화사건, Hanja: 釜山美國文化院放火事件) was an Anti-American attack against the United States Information Service building in Busan on 18 March 1982. The attack resulted in the death of a Dong-a University student who was studying in the building; three others were injured.[1]


In June 1982, 16 people were put on trial in Busan for involvement in the attack. Theology student Moon Pu-shik (23) admitted the arson charge, saying the fire was a protest against US support for the Chun Doo-hwan dictatorship, particularly the suppression of the Gwangju Uprising. The other defendants included journalist Kim Hyong-jang (32) and Reverend Choi Ki-shik (39) head of the Catholic education center in Wonju, who was accused of sheltering the attackers.[2] In August 1982 Kim Hyong-jang and Moon Pu-shik were sentenced to death for the arson, while Moon's wife Kim Un-suk (24) and Lee Mi-ok (21), were sentenced to life imprisonment.[1] Following pleas for mercy from the US and protests by Catholic and Protestant groups, Kim and Moon's death sentences were commuted to life imprisonment in March 1983.[3] Their sentences were reduced to 20 years in 1988.[4][5] Moon Pu-shik was released from prison in 1988 after having served six years and nine months in prison.

The former USIS building now houses the Busan Modern History Museum.

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