Burden of Dreams (climb)

Burden of Dreams is a 4-metre (13 ft) red granite grade 9A (V17) bouldering problem at Lappnor near Loviisa, in Finland. It was first climbed by Finnish climber Nalle Hukkataival on 23 October 2016, who spent four years projecting the boulder,[3] and features in the 2017 climbing film, The Lappnor Project.[4][5]

Burden of Dreams
Map showing the location of Burden of Dreams
Map showing the location of Burden of Dreams
LocationLappnor, near Loviisa, Finland
Coordinates60°25′26″N 26°08′08″E / 60.423895°N 26.135606°E / 60.423895; 26.135606
Route TypeBouldering
Vertical Gain4 metres (13 ft)[1]
Rating9A (V17)
First ascentNalle Hukkataival, 23 October 2016[2]

Climbing awarded Hukkataival a Golden Piton [fr] in 2016 for having the courage to grade it at 9A (V17),[6] making Burden of Dreams the world's first-ever boulder problem at the 9A (V17) grade.[7][8]

After resisting further attempts by the world's strongest climbers for many years, including by Shawn Raboutou and Stefano Ghisolfi,[9] it was finally repeated by British climber Will Bosi on 12 April 2023.[10] Bosi practiced on a 3D-printed replica of the key holds and movements of the route in the United Kingdom, before attempting the actual boulder in Finland.[11][12] Bosi also confirmed the grade of V17 (9A).[13]

After Bosi's repeat, climbing hold manufacturers began to offer highly accurate 3D-scanned replicas of the holds on Burden of Dreams to the public; and by altering the gradient to vertical, instead of a 45-degree overhang on the real route, it was estimated that the grade of difficulty is softened to almost V2 (5+).[14]

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  • Documentary on the first ascent: The Lappnor Project (Motion picture). Blue Kangoo Films. 2017. Retrieved 5 August 2023.[18]

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