South Halmahera languages

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The South Halmahera languages are the branch of Austronesian languages found along the southeast coast of the island of Halmahera in the Indonesian province of North Maluku. Irarutu is spoken in the east of the Bomberai Peninsula in West Papua province.

South Halmahera
Maluku Islands
Linguistic classificationAustronesian
Proto-languageProto-South Halmahera
  • East Makian – Gane
  • Buli
east2439  (East Makian–Gane)
cent2270  (Buli)

Most of the languages are only known from short word lists, but Taba and Buli are fairly well attested.


The South Halmahera languages are listed below according to Glottolog 4.0's classification, with alternate names and dialects listed from Kamholz (2014: 17):[1]

  • East Makian – Gane
    • Gane (Gimán; dialect: Saketa)
    • Taba (East Makian, Makian Dalam; dialects: Kayoa, Southeast Makian)
  • Buli languages
  • Gebe (dialect: Minyaifuin)