Bulgarian Men's High School of Adrianople

The Dr. Petar Beron Bulgarian Men's High School of Addrianople (Bulgarian: Одринска българска мъжка гимназия „Д-р Петър Берон“, Odrinska Balgarska Maszka Gimnaziya „Dr. Petar Beron“) was the first Bulgarian high school in Eastern Thrace.[1] One of the most influential Bulgarian educational centres in Thrace, it was founded in 1891 in Ottoman Adrianople and existed until 1913. Among the initiators, principals and teachers at the high school were noted Bulgarian intellectuals, scientists, and public figures of the Bulgarian revolutionary movement and politics of the early 20th century.

Students from 1st alumni of the Edirne Bulgarian men high school "Dr Peter Beron", together with their teachers. 1898–1899.

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