Bujar Spahiu

Bujar Spahiu (born 1976) is an Albanian Sunni Muslim scholar who has been serving as the Grand Mufti of Albania since March 2019.[1] He is also the current chairman of the Muslim Community of Albania, succeeding Skënder Bruçaj.[1] Previously, he served as vice chairman of the Muslim Community of Albania.[2]

Bujar Spahiu
TitleGrand Mufti
Born26 February 1976
SignatureBujar Spahiu (nënshkrim).svg
Muslim leader
Period in office2019–present
PredecessorSkënder Bruçaj
PostHead of the Muslim Community of Albania

Spahiu had been director of the Department of Education in the Muslim Community of Albania.[3]

Early lifeEdit

Spahiu earned a degree in theology from Al-Azhar University in Egypt.[4]


The election process for the new chairman of the Muslim Community of Albania was held on 2 March 2019. He was elected chairman of the Muslim Community of Albania. He received 26 votes against 2 votes over Mufti of Tirana Ylli Gurra. The election of Bujar Spahiu to head the KMSH was marred by controversy. Some Imams and other Muslim clerics like Ylli Gurra viewed it as illegal that contravened the rules of KMSH and regarded his elevation to the position as a coup by the Gülen movement which is based in the United States.[5]


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