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Bugaboo, bug-a-boo or bug a boo may refer to:

  • Bugaboo, a legendary scary creature, see bogeyman
  • Bugaboo, a thin straight piton or metal spike, perfect for thin, deep seams
  • Bugaboo International B.V., a Dutch design company that makes strollers for infants and toddlers
  • Bugaboo, A fictional insectoid alien from children's CGI television series Monster Buster Club

In geography:

In media

  • Bug-a-Booo, a comic strip by Mauricio de Sousa about a gang of ghosts, undeads and other Halloween creatures.
  • "Bug a Boo", a 1999 song by Destiny's Child
  • "Bug a Boo", an episode of the American television series Charmed
  • "Bugaboo", a song by Dir En Grey from the album Uroboros, 2008
  • Bugaboo (The Flea), a 1983 game written for various 8-bit computers