Buffalo–Depew station

Buffalo–Depew is an Amtrak train station in Depew, New York, a suburb of Buffalo. It was built in 1979 to replace the Buffalo Central Terminal as Buffalo's main Amtrak station. (Buffalo–Exchange Street station, located near downtown Buffalo, has limited parking space and is located on a line that is not easily accessible by the Lake Shore Limited.) It is located 10 miles east of downtown Buffalo.

Buffalo–Depew, NY
Buffalo-Depew station platform, December 2014.jpg
Buffalo–Depew station in 2014
Location55 Dick Road, Depew, New York
Coordinates42°54′26″N 78°43′36″W / 42.9071°N 78.7266°W / 42.9071; -78.7266Coordinates: 42°54′26″N 78°43′36″W / 42.9071°N 78.7266°W / 42.9071; -78.7266
Owned byState of New York
Line(s)Empire Corridor (Rochester Subdivision)
Platforms1 side platform
Bus operatorslocal transit NFTA: 46[1]
ParkingYes; free
Disabled accessYes
Other information
Station codeBUF
OpenedOctober 28, 1979
2018107,251[2]Increase 0.41%
Preceding station BSicon LOGO Amtrak2.svg Amtrak Following station
Buffalo–Exchange Street Empire Service Rochester
toward New York
Buffalo–Exchange Street Maple Leaf
toward Chicago
Lake Shore Limited Rochester

The station was built to a standard design common for most Amtrak stations that were built from the 1970s to the early 1990s. Standard featured present at Depew include concrete block walls, floor-to-ceiling windows and a cantilevered black roof.[3]

The station is served by eight trains per day: two Empire Service round trips, one Lake Shore Limited round trip, and one Maple Leaf round trip. It has a single side platform adjacent to the southernmost of the four tracks of the Rochester Subdivision. The Lake Shore Subdivision, used by the Lake Shore Limited, diverges to the south between Buffalo–Depew and downtown Buffalo.


Front of station

By the late 1970s, the once-thriving Central Terminal had been cut back to only four daily trains, nowhere near enough to justify such a large station. Believing it would be prohibitive to rehabilitate the 50-year-old terminal, Amtrak decided to build a new station. Service to Depew began on October 28, 1979; hours after the last train pulled out of Central Terminal. The Empire State Express (now part of the Empire Service) and Niagara Rainbow were routed through the new station on the day it opened; previously, the only Buffalo stop for both trains had been Buffalo-Exchange Street.[4] They were joined in 1981 by the Maple Leaf, which offered a one-seat ride from New York to Toronto. Previously, one train per day that connected with Via Rail Canada/Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway service to Toronto stopped at Exchange Street.

The original building was a trailer which had previously served as the temporary station building in Dearborn, Michigan (Dearborn opened on October 1, 1979). The permanent building, which opened in 1980, was financed by the New York Department of Transportation.[4] The station is near the site where in 1893, Empire State Express Locomotive #999 attained its alleged top speed of 112.5 miles per hour (181 km/h), making it the fastest locomotive of its time.

On September 23, 2014, a bison statue was dedicated on the lawn in front of the depot. It recalls two similar pieces that once occupied prominent spots inside Buffalo Central Terminal. Funding for the fiberglass statue was raised by railroad heritage and advocacy groups within the state.[5] A new bison statue has also been placed in Buffalo Central Terminal by the Buffalo Central Terminal Restoration Corporation.


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