Buegeleisen and Jacobson

Buegeleisen and Jacobson (B & J) was a musical instrument distributor in New York City, United States.[1]

The Serenader metal soundboard guitar from B & J

B & J opened for business in 1901, on 17th Street in Manhattan, run by the previously salesmen Samuel Buegeleisen (1871–1957) and David Jacobson (1869–1904).[2] In 1913, they moved to University Place.[citation needed] They grew through the 1930s and 1940s, adapting their catalog as public tastes and demand changed. The company was closed in the early 1970s.[citation needed] The company sold instruments and accessories to dealers around the United States. Brands they owned or distributed for others included:

They also carried harmonicas, accordions, and many other instruments. Many of these instruments have become collectible.[3]


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