Budapest Business Journal

The Budapest Business Journal or BBJ is an English-language biweekly magazine published in Hungary. It is the largest, oldest and a leading publication in its category in the country.[1][2]

Budapest Business Journal
CategoriesBusiness magazine
PublisherAbsolute Media
First issue1 November 1992; 28 years ago (1992-11-01)
Based inBudapest
WebsiteBudapest Business Journal

History and profileEdit

The BBJ was launched in November 1992 as a weekly.[3][4] The magazine, based in Budapest, was converted into biweekly later.[5] It was founded by a US-owned company headed by Stephen A. O'Connor, a US media entrepreneur.[6][7] Mike Stone was also its founder.[8]

The publisher is Absolut Media Kft.[9] It was originally published by New World Publishing[10] which also published the Warsaw Business Journal in Poland and the Prague Business Journal in Czechoslovakia (and later the Czech Republic) until January 2004.[11][12]

As its title implies, the BBJ exclusively focuses on business news and related analysis, targeting business professionals.[13] In addition, it provides detailed industry and company information.[14] The magazine publishes rankings of Hungarian companies each year in a separate publication called The Book of Lists.[15]

The BBJ was one of the independent publications and provided investigative reports in the late 1990s.[16] In 2002 the BBJ had a circulation of 8,700 copies.[10]

The BBJ has a website which is one of the leading business information websites in the country. As of 15 May 2013 the Alexa rank of the website was 858437.[1]

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