The Buckmobile was an American automobile manufactured between 1902 and 1905 in Utica, New York, by the Buckmobile Company.[1] A prototype was created in 1901 before the company was incorporated. The automobile was a 15-horsepower, and 20 horsepower twin-cylinder roadster, and used the advertising slogan "Ease of Riding Without a Peer".[1] Engines and transmissions were sourced and the bodies and suspension were built in-house. The company added extensions to their factory to increase production, but this dealt a crippling financial blow to the company.[1] In October 1904 the firm was merged with the Black Diamond Automobile Company, but by July 1905 production had finished.[1] The business was sold in a sheriff's sale shortly after, with total Buckmobile production estimated at 40 cars.[1]

Buckmobile Company
Company typeAutomobile Manufacturing
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United States
Automotive parts

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Buckmobile Company of Utica, New York - 1903

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