W. K. Buckley Limited is a corporation operating in Canada that manufactures medicines for health problems such as the common cold. They also have children's medicine which are sold under the brand Jack & Jill. The company is located in Mississauga, Ontario. It is a subsidiary of Novartis.

The company was founded in 1919 by William Knapp Buckley (1890 - 1978),[1] In 1978, after W. K. Buckley's death, his adopted son Frank Buckley became the president of the company. In the mid-1980s, Frank became spokesperson promoting the "It Tastes Awful. And It Works." slogan, which became very successful.

Novartis, the Swiss-based conglomerate with 2005 sales of $32 billion, purchased ownership of the Buckley's brand and formulas in 2002, effectively denying a third generation run at leading Buckley's by Frank's son Donald.[2]

The remaining Buckley company, William Knapp Limited, which provides Marketing consultancy services, is effectively led by David Rieger, The Vice President of Marketing reporting directly to Frank Buckley. Prior to this position, Mr. Rieger held a number of other senior positions with the Buckley organization and with the Novartis conglomerate.

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Buckley's Original Mixture is a cough syrup invented in 1919 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada[citation needed], and still produced today. Noted for its strongly unpleasant taste (hence its slogan), its ingredients include ammonium carbonate, potassium bicarbonate, camphor, menthol, Canada balsam (Abies balsamea), sodium cyclamate, pine needle oil, and a tincture of capsicum.[3] It is promoted for relief of coughs and sore throats for up to six hours.

As of 2019, five other Buckley's cough syrups are produced. Buckley's DM, which contained dextromethorphan, is no longer produced for sale in Canada as of 2016.[4]

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