Brutal Knights

Brutal Knights are a Canadian punk band formed in 2006 in Toronto, Ontario. The band has been described[by whom?] as having a "raw" punk rock-and-roll sound reminiscent of early-1980s hardcore. Brutal Knights are also known for their humorous lyrics, written by vocalist Nick Flanagan.[1] Flanagan is also a comedian, and sometimes performs stand-up at their shows. According to Flanagan, guitarist Jon Sharron writes most of the music.[2]

Brutal Knights
OriginToronto, Ontario, Canada
GenresHardcore punk
Years active2003–2010
P Trash
Riff Raff
Spin the Bottle
Associated actsChokehold, The Hidden Cameras, Hacksaw
MembersNick Flanagan
Katie G Warrior
Randy "Jon" Sharron
John Power
El Dmang

Brutal Knights, along with Fucked Up, Career Suicide, and Terminal State, were part of a burgeoning hardcore punk scene in Toronto which has been the subject of attention.[3] In 2006 they were voted "Best Punk Band" by Toronto's Now Magazine.

The Brutal Knights played their final show in December 2010, in Montreal, Quebec.


Singles and EPsEdit

  • "Living By Yourself" (LP/CD, 2008, Deranged / P. Trash)
  • "My Life, My Fault" (7", 2008, Spin the Bottle)
  • "Breakdown" (7", 2007, Perpetrator)
  • "Life ain't cool" (7", 2007, Riff Raff)
  • "Not Fun" (7", 2007, Deranged)
  • "Terrible Evenings" (7", 2007, P. Trash)
  • Split (with Western Dark) (7", 2005, Classic Bar)


  • "Blown 2 Completion" (LP/CD, 2010, Deranged)
  • "Feast of Shame" (CD, 2007, Deranged)
  • "The Pleasure Is All Thine" (LP/CD, 2006, Deranged)


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