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Bruno's GmbH is a German retailer of products targeted toward gay men; it was originally founded in 1981 as Bruno Gmünder Verlag, a book publishing house. Bruno Gmünder Verlag was dissolved in 2017, with the retail division becoming Bruno's[1] and the publishing division sold to the publishing company Salzgeber & Co Medien GmbH in September 2018.[2]

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Bruno Gmünder Verlag was founded in Berlin in 1981 by Bruno Gmünder and Christian von Maltzahn. The publishing house was best known for Männer, a gay male lifestyle magazine, and the Spartacus International Gay Guide, the best-selling travel guidebook for gay men in the world. Bruno Gmünder had purchased the latter in 1986 following financial difficulties with the former owner John D. Stamford,[3] as well as increasing evidence that the Guide was being used by paedophiles to abuse children in developing countries.[4][5] Under Bruno Gmünder the Guide significantly reduced the pro-paedophilia content, though various aspects remained during the period 1987–1994.[6][non-primary source needed]

In October 2012, the Bruno Gmünder Group offered a "bounty" of €15,000 for information leading to the investigation and final conviction of the operators of the right-wing extremist and homophobic blog[7] The Roman Catholic theologian David Berger has taken over the coordination of the resulting campaign Stoppt In a letter to the German Bishops' Conference, the group asked them to support the campaign.[8]

The company declared bankruptcy in 2014, but was purchased by private investor Frank Zahn.[citation needed] When Zahn died unexpectedly in February 2017 the company again declared bankruptcy.[9] The retail division and four retail outlets became Bruno's GmbH,[1] while the publishing arm was acquired by Salzgeber in 2018 and merged into Männerschwarm Verlag.[2]


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