Brown's Velvet Dairy, now Brown's Dairy, is a historic business in the Central City section of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. It opened in 1905.[1]

Brown's Dairy plant in Central City, New Orleans

Brown's Velvet was the oldest and largest dairy company in New Orleans and served the Gulf States market area. Ice cream flavors once included Creole cream cheese.[2][3] Marigold Foods purchased the Brown's Velvet Ice Cream division in 1993 to expand its line of Kemps frozen desserts.[4] The milk business was retained.[1]

In order to stay in New Orleans, Brown's had made a deal with the city for a one-block stretch of Thalia Street. The dairy was initially bought out by Southern Foods Group which also acquired Barbe's and Walker-Roemer, two other area dairy companies.[5]

Brown's Dairy is now a line of Dean Foods.


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