Brooks College

Brooks College was a system of two for-profit colleges in Long Beach and Sunnyvale, California. They offered career college programs in a variety of areas. The school in Long Beach was best known for its fashion design and fashion marketing programs (and their ads on late-night television). These schools were owned by the Career Education Corporation and accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.


Brooks College was the subject of an unfavorable examination of for-profit trade schools in the CBS news magazine 60 Minutes. Three recent graduates who were in the top of their class were interviewed. They were unable to find jobs in the fields in which they were trained for and they blamed Brooks College for making misrepresentations to them regarding placement statistics among other things.[1]

School closureEdit

In June 2007, Career Education Corporation announced that it would close both campuses of Brooks College. The Sunnyvale campus closed in June 2008, while the Long Beach campus closed December 2008 due to embezzlement charges filed against them [2]

The property in Long Beach that was leased by Brooks College was sold to the California State University, Long Beach Foundation for use as CSULB student housing.[3]


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