Brooklyn Magazine

Brooklyn Magazine was an American glossy quarterly and website celebrating the arts, fashion, and high-end culture of Brooklyn, New York.[1]

Brooklyn Magazine
FounderDaniel Stedman, Scott Stedman
Year founded2010
First issueSpring 2011
CompanyNorthside Media Group
Based inBrooklyn


Brooklyn Magazine was founded by Northside Media Group (brothers Scott and Daniel Stedman, the same team behind the popular free alt-weekly L Magazine). Its editor-in-chief was Mike Conklin[2] and it shared most of its staff with The L.[3] Its first issue landed in the Spring of 2011. In June 2012, Northside Media Group re-launched the magazine's website. In addition to what appeared in print, featured web-only content, including blogs for Food and Style and Brooklyn Abridged, a comprehensive news feed for the borough. In September 2012 the website launched a special online-only issue dedicated to Brooklyn literature to coincide with the Brooklyn Book Festival.[4] The magazine ran into financial difficulties in 2018, and ceased producing a print version. The website has not published content since February 2019.[5]


Brooklyn Magazine's first cover star was Boardwalk Empire's Michael Pitt.[6] Subsequent covers have featured other Brooklynites of note, such as Emily Mortimer,[7] David Cross[8] and Olivia Thirlby.[9]


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