British Rabbit Council

The British Rabbit Council (BRC) is an organisation for rabbit enthusiasts in the United Kingdom. The rabbit is the UK's third most popular pet.[1]

British Rabbit Council
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Legal statusNon-Profit Organisation
PurposeRabbits in the UK
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Rabbit Owners
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To enter most rabbit shows, participants must be Council members and their rabbits must have a metal ring around one hind leg registered in their name. In breed classes, the rabbits are judged to a standard. Shows are rated from 1* to 5*, 1* being the lowest and 5* the highest.[citation needed]

Recognised breedsEdit

There are over 60 breeds recognised by the British Rabbit Council and over 500 varieties. These are divided into four groups - Fancy, Lop, Normal Fur, Rex.[2]


The British Rabbit Council was formed in 1934 when the British Rabbit Society and the National Rabbit Council of Great Britain and her Dominions merged.[3]

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