British Columbia Moderate Democratic Movement

The British Columbia Moderate Democratic Movement was a minor political party in the Province of British Columbia, Canada.

Despite this, the BCMDM nominated two candidates in the 2005 BC election: James Solhiem won 123 votes (0.61% of the total) in the riding of Chilliwack-Sumas, and David Michael Anderson won 235 votes (1.20% of the total) in Chilliwack-Kent.

The party was de-registered by Elections BC in July 2008.


The platform proposes:[1]

  • Education
    • forgivable student loans to cover tuition]fees for B.C. residents
    • increased funding for school boards
    • greater autonomy for school boards to create new programs, subject to provincial standards
  • Healthcare
    • paying practitioners for "promotion of wellness rather than the treatment of disease"
    • creating regional treatment centres covering all stages of care from diagnosis to treatment
  • Economics
    • a B.C. business development bank to assist the creation of new businesses
    • an "Idea Development Centre" to help entrepreneurs develop business plans and gain funding
  • Governance
  • Justice
    • to "ensure violent offenders are removed from our streets"
    • increased use of restorative justice, halfway houses, and intense supervision for first-time non-violent offenders
  • Forestry
    • ensuring raw logs are processed in the community in which they were produced
    • funding forest management to prevent and control wildfires
    • ending the "self-policing" of forestry companies
  • Environment
    • maintaining the ban on bulk water exports
    • funding scientific research as the basis for all environmental decisions
    • increasing penalties for environmental violations, and putting funds raised directly into park maintenance and habitat protection
    • investing in pollution control research
  • BC Hydro
    • "fairly priced electricity" through investment in new generating facilities for BC Hydro, to replace aging facilities nearing the end of their life

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