Brentsville District High School

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Brentsville District High School, commonly known as Brentsville, is a public high school in Nokesville in unincorporated Prince William County, Virginia, United States, and part of Prince William County Public Schools. It is the only high school in Prince William County considered to be in a developing rural community.

Brentsville District High School
12109 Aden Road


United States
MottoEsse quam videri
(To be rather than to seem to be)
School districtPrince William County Public Schools
School number(703) 594-2161
PrincipalKatherine Meints
Enrollment1,023 (2017-18)[1]
Color(s) Orange

In May 2007, Newsweek magazine ranked Brentsville District High School 674th in the nation on its annual list of "Best High Schools in America."


Brentsville District High officially opened on September 5, 1929, and hosted grades one through eleven. From 1929 to 1964, Brentsville existed in the building that currently exists as Nokesville Elementary School. In 1965, the school moved to its new building located on Aden road, and over the years additions were made to the building's structure, with the most recent being a new gymnasium building, with the old space becoming the school's current library.

In 2002, the campus ceased to function in its tandem role as middle and high school, instead becoming exclusively a high school facility. Before this point, the school was district more for students living in the Nokesville, Virginia area. Now the school is district for the Nokesville and Bristow, Virginia areas. Despite this growth, Brentsville is the smallest high school in Prince William County. Remodeling plans for 2006 include the refitting of the auditorium, adding more comfortable seats, bowing the stage, and replacing a sound panel wall.


In the 2017-2018 school year, Brentsville's student body was:

  • 4.1% Black/African American
  • 13.6% Hispanic
  • 72.3% White
  • 3.8% Asian
  • 5.8% Two or More Races
  • .4% American Indian/Alaskan
  • .1% Hawaiian/Pacific Islander[2]

Academics and programsEdit

Brenstville District High School offers its students the opportunity to enroll in The Cambridge Programme and to take Cambridge University's international examinations both toward individual subject certificates as well as work towards and AICE certificate.

The school was a 2004 recipient of the Blue Ribbon Academic School award. Brentsville District High School remains the only Virginia high school to ever achieve this status. As of the 2011-2012 school year, 86% of the students continue onto high education.

The school grades its students using the Prince William County grading system and grades using academic quarters.

Grade Numeric Equivalent GPA Conversion
A 90 - 100 4.0
B+ 87 - 89 3.4
B 80 - 86 3.0
C+ 77 - 79 2.4
C 70 - 76 2.0
D+ 67 - 69 1.4
D 60 - 66 1.0
F 0 - 59 0.0

Principals and school leadershipEdit

Brentsville District High School
Principal Name Years Served Current Status
Katherine J. Meints 2011–Present Current Principal (2012)
Robert M. Scott 2007 - 2011 English Teacher at Osbourn Park High School (2012)
Alex Carter 2005 - 2007 Doctorate Student at Walden University (2012)
Michael Mulgrew 1999 - 2005 Area IV Associate Superintendent (2012)
Norval E. Waugh Unknown Deceased, Former Associate Superintendent of Stafford County Public Schools (2012)

Extracurricular programsEdit

As of 2014, there are 33 student groups considered official extracurricular programs at Brentsville District High School. These include academic, language, and religious groups. Groups such as the Future Farmers of America and the Future Business Leaders of America have been historically significant in reflecting the culture at the high school.

Brentsville District High School Sign


The athletic teams of Brentsville District High School (during the regular season) compete in the AA Evergreen District and Region II for which the governing body is the Virginia High School League. Brentsville is, as of 2015, one of the smallest schools to compete in Group 3A athletics. For post-season purposes, Brentsville is assigned to Conference 28 as it is a Group 3A school in the eastern region. Before the 2004 academic year, Brentsville competed in the A Bull Run District. Brentsville's official mascot for all sporting events is the tiger, the school colors are black and orange. The high school athletic program has historically performed well in its wrestling and cross country programs and surprised with outstanding seasons in multiple sports over the years, several times resulting in unexpected state championships. While the football team has never been awarded a state championship, they have made it to the state tournament in recent years.

The high school has received academic awards including being ranked as the Sports Illustrated Magazine top athletic school in Virginia in 2005 for the 1995-2005 period. The school also received the Wachovia Cup, now known as the Wells Fargo Cup, in 2001, 2002, and 2003.

Many great athletes have gone through the athletic programs at Brentsville District High School and continued on to play for college programs across the country.

Brentsville District High School competitive teams and state championships:

Varsity Athletic Team Gender Participation State Championships Championship Years
Baseball Men's 1 1995
Basketball Men's 0
Basketball Women's 0
Wrestling Men's 9 1974; 1976; 1993; 1994; 1996; 1999; 2001; 2002; 2003
Lacrosse Men's 0
Soccer Men's 1 1996
Soccer Women's 1 2003
Cheerleading Women's 2 2007; 2013; 2019
Cross Country Men's 7 1998; 2002; 2004; 2005; 2006; 2007; 2014
Cross Country Women's 8 1995; 1996; 1997; 1998; 1999; 2000; 2001; 2005
Dance Women's 0
Drill Women's 0
Football Men's 0
Lacrosse Women's 0
Golf Men's 1 1989
Tennis Men's 3 1971; 1972; 1975
Tennis Women's 0
Softball Women's 1 1998
Indoor Track and Field Men's 0
Indoor Track and Field Women's 0
Outdoor Track and Field Men's 0
Outdoor Track and Field Women's 1 2008
Swimming Men's 2 2010; 2011
Swimming Women's 0


In 2007, the school announced the construction of a new building Patriot High School that was supposed to host some of Brentsville's current population and the plan to convert the current Brentsville campus into a middle school. The new school was built in a location closer to the more suburban Vint Hill area. Plans for BDHS are now to remain a high school, albeit with a small population. As of 2015, Brentsville is one of the smallest 3A schools.


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