Breaking Loose (film)

Breaking Loose is a 1988 Australian film. It was a sequel to Summer City (1977).

Breaking Loose
Directed byRod Hay
Produced byPhillip Avalon
Written byDenis Whitburn
StarringPeter Phelps
Release date
BudgetA$1.2 million[1] or $1.3 million[2]
Box officeA $28,648[3]


Avalon had dropped out of the film industry after an unhappy experience on Little Boy Lost. He ran into Dickes, who had directed Avalon's first film, Double Dealer, and who suggested he do a sequel to Summer City. Avalon paid Dickes a couple of hundred dollars to write a script, which Avalon was unhappy with - but he was still keen on doing a sequel. He wrote and outline, then hired Rod Hay to direct. They worked on the outline some more and Avalon contacted Denis Whitburn to do a script.[4]

The movie was originally announced in 1985 as The End of Innocence when it was to be written and directed by Alan Dickes and to star Christopher Pate.[5]

Avalon later wrote he felt Rod Hay and Whitburn "were definitely not on the same page" when it came to the film.[6]

Half the $1.3 million budget came from Eric Jury. Avalon raised $500,000 in Newcastle.[7]

Some filming was done at Eric Porters Studio in North Sydney which had been bought by Eric Jury, who invested in the film. Avalon and Jury went into partnership converting the studios which came Avalon Film Studio.[8]

Location filming was done at Catherine Bay. According to Avalon, there were some difficulties on the set involving Hay and the actors and he got cast member Vince Martin to help smooth them over. Avalon later repaid Martin by giving him a chance to direct a feature.[9]


Avalon says he sold the film for over a million dollars to various territories before it had been even finished. He also had success with a "Breaking Loose" clothing range.[10]


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