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Breadwinner was a math rock-band based in Richmond, Virginia composed of: Pen Rollings (guitar), Robert Donne (bass), and Chris Farmer (drums). Rollings had previously been a member of hardcore punk outfit Honor Role. Merge Records released two 7-inch singles and one full-length album, Burner (1994), comprising the two out of print singles and 3 unreleased tracks, after the band had broken up. The group has been called "the consummate math band"[1] and are one of the key bands in the early history of math rock. The group has been called an influence on Battles and Lamb of God.[2]

OriginRichmond, Virginia
GenresAlternative metal
Math rock
Progressive metal
Years active1990–1992
LabelsMerge Records
MembersPen Rollings
Robert Donne
Chris Farmer

Guitarist Rollings later formed the band Loincloth.[2]


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