Braunston Tunnel

Braunston Tunnel is on the Grand Union Canal about 830 yds (760 m) east of Braunston, Northamptonshire, England top lock. It is in the northern outskirts of Daventry, about 2 km east of the village of Braunston.

Braunston Tunnel
Braunston Tunnel.jpg
Eastern portal of the tunnel
LocationDaventry, Northamptonshire, England
Coordinates52°16′58″N 1°10′21″W / 52.282915°N 1.172447°W / 52.282915; -1.172447
WaterwayGrand Union Canal
Start52°17′04″N 1°11′05″W / 52.284569°N 1.184721°W / 52.284569; -1.184721
End52°16′53″N 1°09′28″W / 52.281272°N 1.157869°W / 52.281272; -1.157869
OwnerCanal & River Trust
Design engineerWilliam Jessop
Length2,042 yards (1,867.2 m)
Tunnel clearance3.76 metres (12.3 ft)
Width4.8 metres (15.7 ft)

Braunston Tunnel is 2,042 yards (1,867 m) in length.[1] Built by Jessop and Barnes, the tunnel has no towpath and is 4.8m wide by 3.76m high.[2]

It was opened in 1796. Its construction was delayed by soil movement and it was probably the resulting[clarification needed] movement that led to the tunnel having a slight 'S' bend. There is room for two 7 ft (2.13 m) beam boats to pass.[3] There are three air shafts along its length.

The tunnel passes underground alongside another Grand Union Canal feature, Drayton Reservoir, from which the feeder enters the canal at the east end of the tunnel.


View of the 2nd air shaft from inside Braunston Tunnel
Point Coordinates
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OS Grid Ref Notes
Western portal 52°17′04″N 1°11′05″W / 52.284569°N 1.184721°W / 52.284569; -1.184721 (Western portal) SP557654
Mid point 52°16′58″N 1°10′21″W / 52.282915°N 1.172447°W / 52.282915; -1.172447 (Mid point)
Eastern portal 52°16′53″N 1°09′28″W / 52.281272°N 1.157869°W / 52.281272; -1.157869 (Eastern portal) SP576652

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