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Brassbound is The Ordinary Boys' second studio album, released in 2005. It contains the singles "Boys Will Be Boys" and "Life Will Be the Death Of Me". The album reached No. 11 on the UK albums chart in February 2006, whereas it did not make the top 30 upon initial release in 2005. Upon the UK release of Brassbound, there was also a special edition of the album released the same time as a standard version, as there was with Over the Counter Culture.The Special Edition of Brassbound came in a cardboard slipcase and also included a DVD as a second disc. The DVD contained live footage of the band performing "Boys Will Be Boys", "Brassbound" and "Life Will Be the Death Of Me" as well as the documentary Bank Holiday Binge. The album was dismissed as being derivative and unoriginal by critics and the band themselves have since admitted to the album to being lacklustre and said they were lacking in purpose and imagination when making the album.

Studio album by
Released20 June 2005
GenreIndie rock, alternative rock, ska, 2-Tone
LabelB-Unique / Warner
ProducerStephen Street
The Ordinary Boys chronology
Over the Counter Culture
How To Get Everything You Ever Wanted in Ten Easy Steps
Professional ratings
Aggregate scores
Metacritic(50/100) [1]
Review scores
NME6/10 stars link

Track listingEdit

  1. "Brassbound"
  2. "Boys Will Be Boys"
  3. "Life Will Be the Death Of Me"
  4. "Thanks To The Girl"
  5. "On An Island"
  6. "One Step Forward (Two Steps Back)"
  7. "Skull And Bones"
  8. "Don't Live Too Fast"
  9. "Call To Arms"
  10. "Few Home Truths"
  11. "Rudi's In Love"
  12. "Red Letter Day"